Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Article!

I made a discovery last night that I’m too excited about to keep until the weekend post, so you’re getting a short post about it now.

I was in the process of randomly taking a fun survey on about the classic film era. The final question asked me for a childhood picture of my favorite actor or actress. I doubted I could find one of either Simon Oakland or William Talman, but I decided to try anyway.

And I stumbled across a brand spanking new tribute article for William Talman! It’s a wonderful article, giving us an overview of his life and telling about the landmark anti-smoking message he filmed. There is some information I don’t recall reading anywhere else before, as well as various photographs throughout. One shows him as a child with his father and younger brothers. (Which is why my Google search brought it up, I suppose.)

I’m not entirely sure why the author picked this year and this month to write the tribute, but I am ecstatic to see William still remembered and loved today. Here is the link:

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