Sunday, March 17, 2013

Quick Post

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I celebrated early, yesterday, by watching my favorite Perry Irishman. No, not Terrance Clay; Amory Fallon! Here, have some pictures.

And I’m absolutely thrilled that watching The Impatient Partner, coupled with an idea a friend gave me a couple weeks ago, gave me the drive and inspiration to write more in the next chapter of The Malevolent Mugging. I’m even more thrilled that the chapter is going to be tying a bunch of loose ends together and getting me over the spot that’s been making me tear my hair out. I hope to get it up sometime tomorrow, at the latest. And then I should be free and clear to proceed with the other plot angles I’ve had planned.

Oh, and speaking of Terrance Clay, incidentally, who caught Dan Tobin in The Scandalous Sculptor on MeTV the other night? I recognized him instantly, even without those glasses. I hadn’t remembered he was ever on the show as anyone other than Clay! I suppose his excellent performance in that episode is what made the producers decide to call him in when they needed another cast role filled in season 9.

I think I will write up that entry on kooky artists featured on the series, but as it looks like I won’t be able to devote enough time to it today, I’ll make it the weekday post.

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