Sunday, May 5, 2013

The upcoming season 9 DVDs

More news: The second half of season 9 is already up for pre-order at Amazon, although there’s no release date listed for it yet.

Just a little over a month to the release of Part 1! I’m so hyped for it.

I just wish the box art was different. It seems sad to not feature the other characters across the top, like with all the other sets, and instead just have Perry alone. It feels very final and melancholy and makes season 9 feel way different aside from its distinction of being the last season.

And really, it doesn’t start out that different, in spite of new cast members Richard Anderson and Dan Tobin. The early episodes are a lot like what we just left in season 8, which isn’t surprising since I heard 8 and 9 were given continuous production numbers as though they were all part of one big season. It’s only after getting into it a little more that things get quite different.

It’s episode 5’s The Impetuous Imp that brings the first real changes plot-wise, in the form of Hamilton’s assistant Bill Vincent. I certainly would like to know what the writers’ actual intention was with the character. The changes are positive in the respect that they throw more screentime on the district attorney’s office, but when Bill seems so unable to handle himself in court, I wonder if it’s really a positive change. I do enjoy seeing how Hamilton deals with the problems, however.

The Carefree Coronary, episode 6, is probably the first drastically different entry, with one of the main characters actually being at death’s door. Exploring how the others react to it results in, I think, a very positive change. It’s heartbreaking, but encouraging, to see how deeply worried and distraught Perry and Della are over Paul.

I would cite The 12th Wildcat, episode 8, as being the first episode in season 9 to really be noticeably negatively different in formula. Not explaining the crime is jaw-dropping in any season, including 9. But then there’s the oddity of the court scenes in both this episode and the prior one, The Hasty Honeymooner, being so identical. And The Hasty Honeymooner is so weird as it is that I wonder if I should list it as being the first negative one. It’s not the first oddball episode the series has ever done, though. But The 12th Wildcat and its gaping plotholes is certainly something new.

Granted, the show has had plotholes before. There’s some rather confusing stuff with that pesky locket in The Romantic Rogue, for one. But that’s still nothing compared to simply refusing to explain the crime. They always did that otherwise, to help the poor confused souls who couldn’t put all the pieces together (and to reveal pieces that no one would have put together).

With the first fifteen episodes (presumably) on the first set, that will also take us through the utter tongue-in-cheek oddity that is The Golden Girls and to The Bogus Buccaneers, an episode I’m particularly anxious to see in its uncut form. I just hope all of its plotholes will be nicely wrapped up, particularly why Clay gets to be one of the baby’s three godfathers.

Other episodes I’m especially excited to see uncut for the first time are The Fatal Fortune, The Wrathful Wraith, and The Runaway Racer. And I am hoping that if nothing else, the missing scene with Hamilton in The 12th Wildcat will at least help explain his off-the-wall behavior in court. (But since the court scenes are so similar to The Hasty Honeymooner’s, I kind of doubt it.)

Most of the other episodes on the first set I’ve seen uncut, except for the out-of-town episodes The Cheating Chancellor, The Hasty Honeymooner, and The Fugitive Fraulein. But I am very happy that I will get to own all of them uncut, including the ones I’ve seen uncut before. I especially look forward to taking screenshots on The Candy Queen. There’s so many actors I particularly like in that one!

And speaking of The Candy Queen, casino manager Tony Earle briefly wandered into something I was tinkering with concerning Slim Marcus (of The Singing Skirt notoriety). I finally got an idea for how to do a character study on Slim, but it ended up being . . . well, quite a bit different than anything I’d imagined. Slim ends up talking with a fellow from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Japanese anime series. But don’t worry, folks; if anyone wants to take a look, there’s only one throwaway reference to anything really strange. It’s just a conversation between two people each carrying a burden.

Another rather random idea floating through my mind involves Hamilton, Sampson, and maybe Leon on some sort of quest (which quite possibly involves rescuing at least some of the others). It was Village Lantern, a beautiful song by Blackmore’s Night, that sparked that idea. I’ve associated it with Hamilton for over a year, and to me it always has a certain element of both adventure and fantasy to it. It would probably be similar in nature to the Lux Aeterna theme set I wrote on Livejournal. (And it would probably also be posted on Livejournal.) But I don’t know if I’ll actually write it or even to start filling in the details.

I have plans for the next chapter of The Malevolent Mugging, which I intend to start writing this week. It would be very nice if I could get all the rest of the story written before it’s been up for a whole year!

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