Saturday, August 31, 2013

William Talman Tribute Site!

So MeTV remembered William Talman's passing! They have a lovely plug on their site and include a link to a tribute site! This is awesome.

And, in case they don't always keep the plug up, the link to the tribute site directly:

I am very excited about both the tribute site and MeTV's acknowledgment of it! William Talman deserves to be remembered this way.

I also think Wesley Lau deserves the same. I've been thinking of making a tribute site just for him, but have found the idea daunting in the face of my other projects (The Simon Oakland website, that blog, this blog, keeping Tumblr rolling, fanfiction stories, and of course, work). I have also been considering another blog, one that would focus on all of my favorite actors, Perry-related and otherwise, and their appearances.

I might not be able to make a Wesley site as detailed as the Simon site, since I co-run that site and am only responsible for half of its production, but I believe so strongly that such a site should exist for Wesley that I think I should get cracking and make even a little one.

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