Sunday, October 6, 2013

Other deputy D.A.s and The Nimble Nephew

I’ve often thought what a pity it is that the scandal with William Talman had to happen, and not only that, but that it had to happen right in the middle of a season. The episodes without him at the end of season 3 are among my most favorites of the whole season, plot-wise. And of course, if he had been in them, they would have been even better! (I still wonder if footage exists of his filmed work for The Crying Cherub.)

I decided that on this round of MeTV’s showing those episodes, I would pay attention to all the deputies and try to pick out what they’re like. Since they all work for Hamilton, it’s information that would be kind of fun to have, and possibly useful in a story someday, maybe.

I like the little notation that Deputy Hanson is an art expert. That’s interesting and unique. I don’t recall that little details like that are given for too many of the deputies.

Somebody, perhaps on the Yahoo Group, noted that the second deputy’s name is Drumm and wondered if the character was related to Lieutenant Drumm. Of course, I doubt the writers remembered the name once they got from season 3 to season 9, but it would be interesting to find out.

I found Claude Drumm to be rather a stuffed shirt. But I’m intrigued by the idea of him being related to Steve, and chances are, I’ll explore that sometime. (Whoever came up with the idea, I hope you don’t mind. If you’re reading this, let me know if you mind!)

Also, these deputies have first names: Mark Hanson, Claude Drumm. . . . I don’t think too many of the later deputies were given full names. Of course, there’s Victor Chamberlin, but aside from him I think we have last names only for most of the season 4 crowd. Then in seasons 8 and 9 Hamilton’s deputies have full names again.

Out of the late season 3 episodes without Hamilton, The Nimble Nephew is just about my most favorite. I’ve mentioned before that I particularly enjoy that none of the family members are killed or responsible for the killing. That is extremely unique. The more usual plot would probably involve the uncle being killed and both nephews being suspect, or one of the nephews being killed. I think this may be the only episode with a slightly rocky family where they all stay alive. At least, certainly one of the only episodes.

The uncle is really a nice guy, too. A little gruff, but a nice guy. The one nephew’s fiancée really likes him, and when that nephew is eventually arrested, the uncle wants to make sure the best possible representation is available, so he asks Perry to defend said nephew.

That poor uncle, though. The people who are mixed up in the crime probably seem like family, especially the secretary who was there for 13 years. And then the general manager turned out to be a crook right before he was killed.

I’ve never quite been sure what to think of the other nephew, the one who catches the defendant at the safe and later tells the police about it. He seems kind of like a jerk from his attitude, but maybe the uncut version would show him in a bit better light. (Or perhaps a worse light.) I hope to get the season 3 sets soon; I don’t own either one of them.

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