Monday, February 16, 2015

Quick Post

A little reminder that MeTV's week of Perry movies kicks off tonight following the nighttime Perry! Set your VCRs or DVRs! (Or stay up and watch, if you are so inclined!)

And another Perry-related reminder: you can still pre-order Richard Anderson's book, which releases next month! It seems to only be available to purchase from the publisher, and pre-ordering will allow free shipping, which is an awesome thing.

Richard's book will be a treasure for every classic movie and television lover, as well as Richard fans in specific. And he's bound to talk about Perry somewhat, something I am eagerly looking forward to!


  1. Finally got my Dvr's sorted out! Turned out I just had to reboot both so they'd work right. So onto taping some Perry tonight. Can't wait to watch it. So hyped! :D

    1. Ah, technology. That's great that you figured it out! Hopefully we will both enjoy the films this week.

  2. Yep. It can be a hassle. Definitely on both counts. It looks nice on my old tv so far.