Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Killer Kiss and more MeTV news!

So, The Killer Kiss. I missed some of the beginning of it while I was taking care of some things, but maybe I’ll catch up with that on the taped copy. I saw pretty much everything after the murder happened.

It was interesting that the defendant was a ward of Perry’s. It was fun seeing their interaction and getting a snippet more information about Perry’s backstory in the movie verse, even though I don’t consider it canon.

Della was pretty much adorable, finally getting some more decent screentime and being a soap opera buff. (And I was highly amused by Perry’s tale of a judge he knew also being a soap opera fan.) I’ve never been into soaps, but I could relate to Della’s excitement about the cast and being there to see an episode filmed.

As with most Perry-related show-biz things, many of the guest characters are a bit over the top and the plot pokes fun at Hollywood tropes, such as how they explain the dead guy’s character being played by someone new.

Lieutenant Brock was slightly obnoxious, but I like how friendly he’s gotten with Perry in these later movies. It’s some nice character development. And totally an improvement over there not being a steady police character in the earlier films.

I was slightly amused by the girl of the movie this time, and by Ken ending up locked in the men’s bathroom and her rushing right in to help him without thinking of or caring about the awkwardness and general impropriety of it. Sometimes exceptions must be made in drastic situations, after all!

And their experience in that small-town was horrible! Crooked lawmen are one thing that tends to irritate me, and that sheriff was the mother-lode of horrid. It was so, so satisfying when Ken and the girl managed to orchestrate a break-out and locked the sheriff in the cell. I also loved when Perry showed up to help them just as the jam got worse again. And the deputy being a good guy was definitely a nice touch. It’s always enjoyable to see that even in a corrupt place, you can find good people.

It was interesting viewing it all along as the last proper Perry movie, which actually included Perry. As a send-off, it wasn’t bad, especially since they didn’t know at the time it would be the last. The plot was intense and related strongly to the main characters in the form of the defendant’s connection with Perry, there was some good action with Ken, and the ending was rather adorable. I loved Perry grabbing Della and Chris and posing for a picture. It was slightly bittersweet, knowing it was the final shot, but it was a lovely last moment.

I wasn’t expecting the memorial screen for Raymond Burr, but in retrospect it makes sense to have had it, since the movie didn’t air until after his death. It was sobering and sad, and Mom hadn’t realized it was the last one he’d filmed, so it was a bit startling for her.

I’ll probably keep my taped copy of it, too, unless I end up desperate for a tape for some reason. I had a hard time finding one tonight for The Lady in the Lake, but I finally turned up something suitable without erasing The Killer Kiss.

It’s been nice watching those two movies I never got around to seeing, and re-watching The Lady in the Lake and The Heartbroken Bride was quite fun. I have to admit, I still honestly find it hard to believe that they really weren’t trying to say that Perry was the father of his friend Laura’s child. They certainly seemed to be laying on the implications heavily. But it’s nice that, according to a reader here, they apparently didn’t mean anything by it and Perry and Laura were meant to have a close friendship instead. It’s always nice to show that guys and girls can have really deep friendships without romance entering into the picture.

Oh! And I see that, according to Sitcoms Online, there have already been changes made to MeTV’s Fall schedule. It looks like now they will not be removing the morning Perry episode! It looks like it’s moving to an hour earlier instead. Also, now they’re saying the Mystery Movie will continue to air directly after the nighttime Perry and not later. We’ll see how this plays out in the coming weeks, but I won’t be surprised if that is how it will go. MeTV knows viewers love their Perry fix twice a day!


  1. Lucky! I didn't know that they were going to air this ep until after it aired :(. So now onto waiting until they do again.

    1. Bleh, how frustrating! I tried to post near the beginning of the week with a list of the movies. Sorry you didn't see that.

      It's probably still on YouTube.... They don't seem to take the movies down from there, for some reason.

  2. Yea it was. Been busy in rl tbh though so it slipped my mind :(. No problem.

    And I'm glad they don't ;). But here's the thing... they're NOT the whole ones. Not that I mind though... since I do plan on getting the rest of them when I can.

    1. Yeah, real life can do that.

      You mean the movies are cut up or that they just don't post every movie? I was thinking they did have that one.

  3. I think that Youtube has a limit instituted for it or that maybe the people got in trouble and could only post videos up to a certain time limit.

    I found some full ones before and some that were in parts that seemed to be pretty full length. It's getting a bit harder to find though :(.

    1. I'm always surprised when I see movies posted in one part. Most people do have to upload in pieces. That doesn't bother me, just as long as all the pieces are there. One of the weirdest things is when one or two parts are forced down and the rest are allowed to remain.

      If what they're posting is mainly the cut-up versions, like what I imagine Hallmark shows, that's definitely not fun. Hallmark cuts so much out of the episodes it's preposterous. I can only imagine what they take out of the movies.

  4. I am too. Exactly. I wonder if it's the more popular ones that get forced off?

    That sucks. Commercials though. That takes out of the show. So I bet it affects the movies to an extent.