Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The ups and downs of Perry fandom in 2017

It has been a sad year for Perry fans. The last surviving member of the original Core Five, the beautiful Barbara Hale, passed away near the end of January. Last week, she would have turned 95. It was an amazing honor to have her with us for so many years, but still very sad to lose her. She brought so much to Perry, truly making the role of Della Street her own. No one else has ever or could ever portray the character as did Barbara Hale. For many, she is synonymous with the character. We miss her deeply and pray for her family.

Those wanting to see her in the Perry reunion movies have a far greater chance now, with the box set of all 30 films. The price is lower now; Amazon has been selling it for $22! Wal-Mart carries it in-store for about $32. Both are incredible prices for this many films! Those wanting complete and uncut copies of the Perry movies would do well to pick one up while these prices last.

And MeTV has announced a special Perry tribute throughout the month of May, with theme weeks for the nighttime showings. Those preferring to watch the episodes in order can still do so with the morning showings. Details on the episodes planned are here:

Many episodes I like, a couple I don't, and a few I'm more or less indifferent to. But either way, it's awesome to see MeTV planning something like this to keep the series fun and fresh and maybe introduce viewers to episodes they don't see as much (or ever). It's a very nice tribute to Raymond Burr's 100th birthday next month as well.

I know updates here have been scarce (what an understatement!) but I still love Perry and the characters and the actors and all the wonderful things and people that made up our show. And I still reply to comments whenever they come. I love hearing from the readers and viewers.


  1. Welcome back-I missed your updates! I still love the series, although it's getting increasingly difficult to find the episodes online :-(
    And I definitely miss the updates on your fanfic (more Hamilton, please!!)

    1. Aww, thank you! Wish I could think of more to write here. I went to town so much analyzing things that I can't seem to find much more to write except episode reviews or guest-star spotlights. I should probably try some of those to keep things going.

      Too bad about the episode problem! I prefer owning the official DVDs, though. As soon as they released the other seasons, I focused on getting them. :)

      Yeah, I was thinking the other day about that story I was doing involving Andy and Hamilton in season 8. I need to finish that!

    2. Yes, I suppose there is only so much you can get out of an episode ;-) Although I sometimes still find some nuances I haven't seen before when re-re-watching.
      I was thinking about buying the DVDs - there is a set of all seasons. Problem is, it's 165€.... which is a bit much for me. Perhaps I should drop hints with my family about birthday gifts ;-)
      Yeah. You definitely need to! There are some other unfinished stories on I would like to see finished. Author SadaraLochlan comes to mind, she started some interesting stories, but there hasn't been an update in a year. Pity that. There was one Hamilton/Della fic that I thought looked promising (if I remember correctly, it was "personal cross examinations"). I need my drug, lol.

    3. Yeah, that still happens to me sometimes too, just not as much anymore. But then again, I haven't had the chance to watch the series in several months. Maybe some new ideas would jump out at me if I started up again.

      Yikes! Yeah, that is pricey. I suppose it's cheaper than buying all the half-season sets individually, but usually I find that a better option since I can just spend a little here and a little there.

      I believe I remember that, if she's the person I'm thinking of! She was quite daring to attempt a Hamilton/Della story in a sea of Perry/Della fics. :)

    4. Problem is, Della is about the only choice for Hamilton, since she is the only recurrent female character in the original series. Well, apart from Mignon, but I can't picture her as his love interest. Otherwise it would have to be an OC... But personally I think Hamilton/Della would work quite well. Plus there could be some interesting scenes, depending on Perry's reaction (he might be okay with it, or he might realise he wants her for himself). Can't you just imagine a headline in a newspaper "Burger beats Mason where it counts" or some such?

    5. Yeah, that's very true. I can't picture Mignon romantically involved with Hamilton either. I do think Hamilton/Della could work and be very interesting. And LOL, that headline.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for your interest! :) I'm always trying to think of new topics for the blog. So far my topics seem to be more episode reviews, guest-star spotlights, or watch the rest of the movies and review those, as judging from my posts, I haven't seen them all. (I have no memory of The Poisoned Pen with David Warner, for one.) Even though I don't consider the movies as being absolutely what happened after the show, I enjoy them as 1980s-early 1990s fare. Maybe I should buy the box set of them....

  3. So sorry to hear of the passing of the beautiful and talented Barbara Hale. I've been enjoying this blog for about a year and always look forward to new posts. Unfortunately this update was a very sad one, please keep sharing this resource. Thank you.

    1. Very sad indeed. :(

      Thank you for commenting!