Thursday, October 25, 2012


I seem to have run into a bit of a dilemma. I miscalculated how many blog posts there were for the month. Hence, I discovered I have no topic for today. And it’s somewhat of a busy day too, so I’m wondering if I can devote the proper time to a full-length post.

I finally managed to update The Malevolent Mugging a couple more times. I am determined to finish this story. I think it’s heading towards the climax now. And Deputy D.A. Sampson got attacked, which means that I have turned a lot of attention towards him. Typically when I do that, it’s to explore the character’s relations with other characters. And typically when I do that, it’s because I rather quite like the character and am seeking better understanding of him.

Yes, I like Sampson. So much so that H.M. Wynant is becoming one of my favorite character actors. Last year, I never would have suspected either of those facts. Although I think I always liked Sampson to some extent, in spite of myself, due to his being the most interesting of the guest prosecutors in season 4.

I’ve also had this utterly bizarre idea for a crossover story between The Wild Wild West and Perry. Of course, time-travel would be involved (on the Old West characters’ parts). And Sampson and another H.M. Wynant character were the culprits responsible for the whole thing.

I could not get the image out of my mind of Sampson encountering Little Pinto, a sadistic outlaw from the Wild Wild West episode The Night of the Poisonous Posey. Pinto is killed in the episode, but there’s a mad scientist in another episode who specializes in reviving the dead, so I plan for her to bring back Pinto and the rest of the Posey gang. I picture Pinto finding it both hilarious and repulsive that his double is a staunch supporter of the law and ending up lassoing Sampson to torment him, much to Sampson’s indignant outrage. And somehow I think that Sampson is more upset that his double is a criminal than anything else.

Because I got such a kick out of that scene, I started coming up with the entire basic plot premise. And before I was done, I’d also managed to throw in a Wesley Lau character from Cannon and another H.M. Wynant Wild Wild West character, due to wanting to write about them both and deciding to put them in the same story in order to do so. And it wasn’t long before that storyline invariably became part of the main concept. Yes, this is a very strange story indeed.

I’m trying to sort out various possibilities of some of the details, and to do that I started a website just for the crossover idea. It’s also open to the main public while I tinker with it, and since almost everything there is particularly speculative rather than decided, I’ll share the link for that now.

I have no idea if the thing will ever get off the ground at all, which is another reason for sharing the link. I like my ideas for it and want people to know about them, whether or not they end up working out.

I’m also almost finished with that secondary, eerie Perry Halloween project for the writing challenge. I have one segment left, and am frankly wondering how to satisfactorily wrap it all up, but I will definitely find a way. I put those poor characters through a lot, but they must always have a happy ending when all is said and done.

I’ll do the Wrathful Wraith post this weekend, as I planned, and since my discs of the second half of season 7 are on their way, I hope to re-watch The Garrulous Go-Between and get up a post for it during the remainder of the Halloween season.

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