Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quick Post

I’m not going to have enough time to get up a full post today, as it’s becoming a very busy holiday preparation day.

But one quick musing. I watched the uncut Loquacious Liar the other day. I don’t know, Lurene Tuttle’s portrayal of the tormented mother and wife is excellent, but something about the character herself bugs me and always has. Of course she wouldn’t want to believe that her husband was responsible for her son being kidnapped at gunpoint and driven into the middle of nowhere. But why did she then have to believe her son was off his rocker? Couldn’t she have believed that something really happened to him and he was just mistaken about who had set it up? It was almost like she felt she couldn’t be loyal to both her husband and her son at the same time. And that’s kind of messed up.

Which fits the character, I have to admit. She always seems messed up to me, from her behavior in that situation to how she kept holding desperately to a husband who really wasn’t worth her time and love. Poor woman. Hopefully she was able to get her life straightened out after the events of the episode and find a decent guy, if that was what she wanted.

The Loquacious Liar is, in general, a very intriguing episode. Tragg reveals how long he’s been on the force (30 years; I don’t know why I kept thinking he said 25) and shows a little-seen, stark serious, compassionate side as he tells Lurene Tuttle’s character about her husband’s death. And it is, of course, Sampson’s first episode. He presents himself as very blustery towards one of the witnesses (who admittedly isn’t being too cooperative), but alternately shows compassion as well, when he talks to Lurene’s character.

And I find it amusing that, while I figured I’d get the first half of season 4 eventually, it was way down on my list of what order to buy the DVDs in (rock bottom, along with the second half of season 3). But I ended up wanting it very badly and purchased it a couple of weeks ago. I have The Envious Editor on my 50th Anniversary set, but I wanted Sampson’s other episodes too, uncut.

As a parting, I wrote this thing yesterday, to tinker with Gene Torg and Pearl Chute a bit. Andy also has a fairly prominent role.

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