Thursday, December 27, 2012

So Sorry

The day turned extremely hectic and I have no topic to present at the moment, only a couple of brief notations on fanworks that may be of interest.

Apparently ranting on that piece I was working on about Sampson made me want to pick it up and try again. I wrote the rest and got it posted on Christmas Day. It's here, if anyone wants to read:

And I also accepted a prompt for a Monkees writing challenge that crossed it over with Perry. It's not the first time I've crossed the two series over, and I didn't manage to get it finished by the time of the deadline today, but I posted what I have. If people show interest, I'm more likely to try to finish it. So far, since I'm unsure if I'll try to finish it in the midst of my other projects, it's only on Livejournal. Even though it's the Monkees, I promise it's not a humor story. Dramatic Monkees stories used to be very common when I first got into the series in 1999-2000, and I feel sad that they aren't as common now.

That being said, I also had an idea for a silly one-part story that would involve Micky accidentally backing into Hamilton's car, and I may write that sometime. But to do justice to the prompt I was given, I felt the story had to be both serious and a multi-chapter.


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