Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ohh wooow....

One very quick note, even though I just made a post a few hours ago. Amazon sent an email and Perry is the Deal of the Week again! Every single volume is under $20 for the week! If there's volumes you're missing, this would be an excellent time to pick them up. I am staring at Amazon's page with starry eyes.


  1. Wow, thanks for the heads up, Lucky!

    I'll have to see if it's still on sale, but I hope it is.

    Also, feel free to stop by Previously.TV's forums sometime, we have a pretty decent Perry Mason board :). Love to see you there.

    1. You're welcome! If you make it before midnight tonight, you should be able to get in on it. :)

      Thanks for the tip! I haven't even heard of that place.

  2. Cool, thanks. I'll have to check.

    You're welcome. The place is pretty nice and most of us don't bite :).