Monday, August 18, 2014

The news is good for Perry fans!

MeTV's fall schedule is up and Perry fans are in business! Apparently The Love Boat wasn't working out as well as they hoped; it's back to Sundays only and we get the morning Perry episode back! The evening showing stays in place too, thank goodness, and Ironside will air right after Night Gallery!

There were some disappointments for me on the schedule, but nothing I hadn't already expected. Cannon, Kojak, and The Fugitive are going on hiatus for a while. So is The Twilight Zone, to my surprise, but I really doubt that will last long since it didn't work out when they tried that last summer.

Overall, there is much to be excited about on the Perry front!


  1. That's awesome news, Ladybug! I'll miss the Twilight Zone though :(. It's a good show.

    Just picked up 3 sets of the Perry Mason movies tonight via Amazon :). So I'm psyched to watch the movies again!

    Been doing my best to keep up with the older eps, they're pretty good so far. Noticed an odd glitch in one though (The Case of the Pint Sized Client, iirc) where Perry was talking to one of the defendants and when the guy was talking there was no sound O_o. Had to rewind and turn on closed captioning to catch what he was saying to him. Yay MeTv XD.

    1. I don't watch The Twilight Zone religiously, as sometimes it's too strange or depressing for my tastes, but I do love some of the episodes, and even when they're not to my liking, I do have to admit that they're highly creative. It truly was a groundbreaking show in a lot of ways.


      Wow. I thought those glitches were with my equipment, so it's a relief if they're MeTV glitches. That's really annoying, though! Ugh.

  2. Yea it was rather strange sometimes. Rod Serling was ahead of his time imo.

    I did too O_o. Thought something was going on with the sound on my tv. Yep. Maybe it's due to them playing the dvd so much? Yea it is :(.

    1. Indeed, he likely was.

      Hmm, interesting thought. I wonder what they actually do store these episodes on, since they're cut prints and not the uncut....