Sunday, April 26, 2015

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So one of the steady readers here has informed me that MeTV will already be doing another week of Perry movies next week! Starting with May 4th (Star Wars day), there will be another mixture of early-era and later-era Perry movies after the nighttime showing of Perry.

That is really neat, although I wonder why they’re doing another week so soon after the large gap between the first and second weeks of Perry movies. It makes me wonder all the more if they’re not going to keep the Mystery Movie feature come summer and perhaps they’re hurrying to show all the Perry movies before then. It seems like with this upcoming week, combined with the past weeks and the times they showed Perry movies on Friday nights, they will have practically shown them all.

And for months I’ve been pondering on one of the curiosities about this blog. I think the post that has the largest number of comments that still continue to come in from time to time is the very first tribute post I made for Wesley Lau. I’m not sure why that particular Wesley post is so popular; perhaps it comes up higher than other Wesley posts if the posts appear in Google searches.

In any case, it certainly goes to show how loved Wesley is by much of the fanbase. I think that’s awesome, especially since he wasn’t one of the original cast members. Oftentimes the cast members who come in later aren’t so well-accepted by longtime fans.

A lot of the comments that come in are from people wanting to know more about Wesley. I really wish I could provide more information. Wesley seems to have been a very private person who rarely gave interviews. And naturally I want to respect his privacy, if that is what he wished and his family is keeping quiet for that reason. However, some of the comments coming in are even from extended family members or other people who knew him or knew someone who knew him. Some of them are looking for information too.

I think it’s important for family members to know about each other. Although I would love to know more information about Wesley for myself and for the other fans, I would love even more to help these extended family members learn more about him and give them a resource to go to where they can.

Two of my newest projects are a website and a blog, both connected, to celebrate many of the character actors I love. The blog is open and available at and will focus largely on character musings and episode reviews. The website will focus largely on interviews from the actors and from people who knew or worked with them. It isn’t open yet, but I am in the process of preparing it and it’s perhaps halfway ready to completion.

Most of the interviews, naturally, are dug up from old newspaper archives and linked to. It is very cool to find these gems and be able to read what the actors actually thought and felt back in the day. I imagine a lot of people won’t have ever seen these interviews, so I’m happy to bring them all together on the website via links. And then every now and then I run across a really awesome person who wants to further the information on one of the people and is willing to give an interview to me. I am really excited to open the website and share those interviews especially.

So I’m putting this out there in the hopes that someone connected with Wesley who has information to give will see it. Would any such people be willing to conduct an interview about Wesley for the website? Please note that my preference is email or private message interviews, because I have a lot of trouble with my phone and I’m afraid a telephone interview wouldn’t go over so well. I want to make sure that any interviews I do get are captured properly and not misheard or mis-transcribed on my part. Thank you in advance for any help you can give!

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