Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Wednesday Night Perry Movie

Well, unfortunately, I also don’t know the title of last night’s movie. The problem is that I’ve been watching my season 8 DVDs to see the uncut versions and we haven’t been getting them started exactly on time, so they end slightly after the movie has begun.

But I do know that I liked this movie a lot better than Tuesday’s. It was so intriguing and intense, with both Della and Ken branded as suspects and the bartender going missing and being such a vital piece of the puzzle. Plus, I always find mystery writer settings to be very fun for mystery shows.

As usual, I found Ken much more competent than Paul Jr. The downside about Ken is that he can be kind of a jerk sometimes, both in his insistence of working alone (to the point of it seeming stubborn idiocy in some cases) and in scenes such as the chase through the kitchen in this film. Oh, those poor innocent bystanders. Food being destroyed is one of my pet peeves; I can’t watch that without cringing. That said, I did get a giggle of Ken actually crawling over one of the guys on the floor. Good grief!

It was fun to see Della having a more active part in the investigation by questioning some people. I’m wondering where she disappeared to at the last, though. I didn’t see her at all during the final courtroom stretch.

The victim was, as usual, a complete crumb, ripping off everyone he came in contact with. The naiveté of his last “collaborator” was absolutely groan-worthy. And how ironic and how fitting, that he couldn’t write something on his own for more than a couple of chapters, even his own autobiography.

The suspects were an interesting crew. The Southern belle alternately amused and irritated me. The defendant was alright, although I was fairly indifferent to her for the most part. I suppose the one I liked the best was Garcia/Garfield. He reminded me a little of a couple of character actors I like from the 1960s.

The solution to the mystery was rather shocking. I hadn’t expected the missing bartender to play such a key role in things as to actually be an accessory who ended up not being able to go through with it despite his hatred, but who then stood by and watched while Rita went through with it. He definitely shouldn’t get off scot-free, but I wonder exactly what he would be charged with. I liked that Perry said he and Ken would represent him in his trial.

Rita being a former robber who escaped capture was a motive for murder that came out of nowhere. That’s typical of Perry cases, although I like when there’s clues along the way to point to the killer and the motive. Apparently thinking the victim knew her identity wasn’t her only reason for killing him, though, according to her.

One thing I found interesting was that one of Perry’s cases had become the basis for the controversial book that also ended up being so key to the plot. It’s an interesting footnote on how famous Perry’s cases are within the verse itself. I wonder if, within the verse, there are others of Perry’s cases that were made into books. I wonder if any case could be turned into a book or if certain ones would be off-limits, like if the defendant or witnesses did not give their permission to be featured in the book. Or maybe since it would be a true-crime book, there wouldn’t be much they could say about featured, just like in the newspapers. Although if they felt they were being portrayed wrongly, they could still sue.

Overall, I found this a very enjoyable and intense installment and a favorite among the movies. And hopefully I’ll get the name of tonight’s movie ahead of time, just in case I miss the beginning of the film again.

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